Transform Your Skin Care With These New Year’s Resolutions!

Transform Your Skin Care With These New Year’s Resolutions!
January 9, 2016 Cierra Eubank

If you’re going to make new year’s resolutions, why not make them attainable? Set yourself up for success in 2016 with these simple skin care resolutions that are sure to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy!

1. Re-evaluate Your Skin Care Needs

Your skin’s needs can change in a short amount of time, especially with the fluctuating temperatures and weather patterns. Get up close and personal with your largest organ. Don’t judge it, and especially don’t pick at it; just look at it with love and concern. Is it drier than it used to be? Maybe it feels rougher in a few places. Does it look and feel oilier than usual? Does it seem more sensitive? Do you see any signs of sun damage?

Once you become familiar with your skin’s current condition, make a list of short-term and long-term goals you’d like to achieve with your skin care routine.

2. Update Your Beauty Stash

Go through all of your beauty products, including cosmetics, skin care formulas, and hair products. (Ladies, this may take a while.) Toss out everything that is outdated or expired, and I mean everything.  Old products may no longer work and will not have the same effect. Plus, these expired items can actually harm your health. You don’t want to eat old food, and you definitely don’t want to put old products on your skin.

Once you’ve separated the good from the bad, write a shopping list and update your beauty arsenal.

3. Schedule An Appointment

For truly effective skin care, regardless of your age or skin type, sit down with an esthetician. These professionals can provide essential information about the condition of your skin and recommend improvements to your current skin care regiments.

The number one mistake people make when it comes to skin care is using the wrong products. An esthetician can guide you towards using products that will help you reach your skin care goals.

4. Pamper Yourself

It takes time, dedication and even sacrifice to reach a goal, but you can indulge yourself and improve your skin at the same time! Schedule an appointment, meet with an esthetician, and get yourself a facial. Treat yourself to a day at the spa, because rewarding yourself makes changing a habit easier and way more fun!

5. Get Your Skin Checked

Whether it be winter or summer, rain or shine, you tan in the sun or burn after five seconds, always protect your skin from skin cancer. It’s the most common form of cancer in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Even if you already use a daily moisturizer with SPF and avoid tanning beds, schedule an annual skin cancer screening with a professional. Early detection can save your life

6. Simplify Skin Care Ingredients

Once you and your esthetician have established an effective skin care routine customized to your skin type, take some time to revisit the basics. Whether you are looking for relief from acne, hyperpigmentation, or aging skin, there are simple and natural ingredients you should be on the look out for.

Retinol and hyaluronic acid, for example, are great for treating wrinkles and dry skin. Green tea extract is another great one that helps soothe a sunburn, decrease puffiness under the eyes, and improve skin’s elasticity.

Make 2016 the year of better skin care with these six simple resolutions.

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