Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Sweet Heart!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Sweet Heart!
January 26, 2016 Cierra Eubank

“Open When…” Envelope Ideas

{For Him or Her}

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Courtesy of A Long Distance Relationship Blog

I absolutely love homemade food, cards, and gifts. They’re not always perfect, but they always display the extra time, thought, and effort dedicated to that special someone. That’s why I fell in love with these Valentine’s day envelope ideas!

These are a series of letters that your love can open in different situations throughout the year. {Open when you’re sad, open when you miss me, open on your birthday, etc.} They are perfect for keeping you connected if you’re in a long distance relationship, but they are still just as cute and meaningful if you two sleep in the same bed!

You can get as creative and personal as you want with these letters. They can be sweet, funny, encouraging, and maybe even a little bit saucy. {Wink wink}

Here’s an example:

In an “Open When You Miss Me” card you could include a hand written letter reminding him or her of all the good times you two have shared together. Maybe there’s one memory in particular you could write about that you know will make them smile or laugh. Perhaps you could go a step further and write the letter using their favorite colored ink. Also, print out some photos of you two together and include them in the letter. Cut them into heart shapes if possible, and sprits the letter with your perfume or cologne! They’ll be sleeping with that letter under their pillow for a long time. 😉

For more ideas on how you can show your main squeeze how much you care, check out this long distance relationship blog! 

Cupid Floats

A deliciously sweet treat for your valentine and even your kids!

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

In this recipe the author used mini milk bottles as glasses, but if you’re like me and don’t have mini milk bottles just laying around then you can use Starbucks frappacino bottles instead! You can buy them from most convenience stores, so the next time you’re running late for work just stop by Circle K and pick up a couple of these bad boys.

You can make these drinks with strawberry soda or any other type of red soda you prefer. There’s Code Red Mountain Dew, which I know most kids love. There’s also a cherry flavored 7up and a strawberry Fanta. Don’t you want a?

Other Ingredients:

  • Vanilla Ice Cream (If you prefer a dairy free option check out these tasty alternatives!)
  • Heavy Cream and Sugar for Homemade Whipping Cream (Or you can use store bought.)
  • Maraschino Cherries (optional)

See how easy this recipe is? There are literally four ingredients, and one of them is optional. Score!


  1. Place two scoops of vanilla ice cream (or any dairy free frozen treat) into a glass.
  2. Slowly add the red colored soda of your choice. Expect the soda to foam up quite a bit as it mingles and mixes with the soda.
  3. Top with the whipped cream, a cherry, add a straw and you’re done!

It’s that easy to make a fun and festive Valentine’s Day treat that you and your sweet hearts will LOVE!

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