The benefits of massage are many; they ease the stiffness from weekend warrior activities, improve circulation, reduce blood pressure, provide relief for chronic pain, improve sleep and much more. Guests find regular massage therapy improves their overall wellness and physical health in our crazy busy world. Massages at Fuchsia are affordable and provided by highly qualified professionals. You will be sleeping like a baby soon!

Essential Oil Aromotherapy

Essential oil aromatherapy comes complimentary with ALL Fuchsia massages.


Topical muscle therapy with Biofreeze complimentary upon request.

Custom Massage

Choose between a Swedish, Deep Tissue, PrenatalTherapeutic or Reflexology massage, or blend the modalities to meet your specific needs. At Fuchsia we never charge more for different massage modalities. Complimentary aromatherapy targets your senses to enhance relaxation during your massage session.

50-Minute Massage:
$69 for Members / $90 for Non-Members

80-Minute Massage:
+$30 for Members / $120 for Non-Members


Suggested Enhancement(s):
Treat your skin to a Body Scrub (+$30)

*2-Hour massages also available upon request

Express Massage

Strapped for time? This 25 minute massage will focus on one area to relieve stress and tension.

25-Minute Massage:
$40 for Members / $45 for Non-Members


Massage Enhancements

Add the following enhancements to any massage to boost your results.

Arctic Stone Face Massage:

Cold stones are used to calm stress, reduce nasal congestion and swelling and relieves sinus pressure

Add to any Massage for $30

Fancy Foot Scrub:

Give your tired feet a little relief and pampering with our Fancy Foot Scrub. A luxurious sugar scrub will be applied to your feet providing a deep hydration and exfoliation. Then your feet will be wrapped in warm towels allowing the oils from the scrub to penetrate your feet. Last we massage a rich moisturizing cream that will revive your feet and leave your skin feeling silky soft.

Add to any Massage for $10

Hot Stones:

Warm stones quickly relax muscle tissue while your therapist whisks away nasty knots!

Add to any Massage for $10

Magic Scalp Treatment:

Revitalize your scalp and senses with aromatherapy.  Long known to have health and relaxation benefits. Choose from Lavender, Eucalyptus, or Peppermint.

Add to any Massage for $10

Body Care

Relax, detoxify and soften your skin with Fuchsia’s body treatments and scrubs

Heavenly Bliss

Enjoy a piece of heaven with this pampering service!  This body treatment includes a relaxing back massage, dry exfoliation and masque, a fabulous foot scrub, hydrating hand treatment, invigorating Arctic Stone face massage and ends with a Magic Scalp Massage in your choice of Lavender, Eucalyptus, or Peppermint aromatherapy.

+$30 for Members / $109.99 for Non-Members


Body Scrub

Cleanses and exfoliates dull dry skin while improving circulation.

$69 for Members / $75 for Non-Members