Make Spa Your Business

Make Spa Your Business
December 9, 2016 Erin Owens

Make Spa Your Business and Find a Better You!



About 12 years ago, we were engaged in the fast paced lifestyle of Corporate America.  We got up early and did our best to make sure the kids were fed and ready for school, the dog was walked, and the husband got his quick peck on the cheek and “have a good day” as you passed in the hallway. Then we got ourselves ready and into the car to join the other tens of thousands of Americans making the mad rush to get to work on time.

That was just the start of our day, the rest of it went something like this…and I am sure you all can relate.  Grabbing a quick cup of coffee, you settle into your chair and begin catching up on the emails that were still unresolved from the day before or had magically appeared in the inbox overnight. Before you get too many of them resolved the phone rings or someone comes by needing  a resolution to their “always immediate” issue.  Next thing you know you are running to a meeting which while was expected to last only an hour somehow manages to run over another 45 minutes.  Next thing you know, it is already the afternoon, and the project you have been working on is due at the end of the day still has missing items.  As you are hurrying to complete the project, you realize that your son had an awards banquet that you wanted to attend and with the impending deadline you sadly realize you will not make it there on time.  You call your husband to make sure he can attend so your child has at least one parent there.

It was a vicious cycle!  It wasn’t that your job wasn’t challenging or fulfilling in many ways because it was.  However, what was missing was the ability to step away and experience “life’s moments”.  What was missing was doing something that you were passionate about, what was missing was not putting in any less hours but putting in more hours that mattered.  What was missing was the ability to affect the lives of others positively.  What was missing is that you could control your financial future.

For us, we knew that there could be another way to achieve financial security, a more flexible schedule, and have a passion for the industry and people you served.  For us, that would one day be Fuchsia.  Loving the health, beauty and wellness industry ourselves, we knew that there was a void in the market that a person could affordably address those needs in one location.

What do we love about it today?  Everything!  We love the team of professionals we work with, our members and guests, and the ability not to miss those important moments and matters of the heart.  We are passionate about the industry that enables us to live fuller and healthier lives, and we are confident in our financial security

Yes, we still work many hours. However, the rewards far exceed what we invest.  We have been so fortunate in our journey that we want to share it with others.  By choosing to franchise Fuchsia, we have the ability to empower others to follow their passion for going into business for themselves but not by themselves.  We want to help them embrace an industry that helps others be better versions of themselves.  What we do matters; we help others live healthier, we assist our team in professional growth, and we help the ones we love by being better mothers, partners, daughters, and friends.

When you are tired of traveling down a road that no longer provides the outcomes you are seeking then you need to look for something else.  You need to join our passionate team and become a better version of yourself by owning your own Fuchsia franchise.  It is our dream that we want to share with you….are you ready?!