The girls, the ladies, the Mrs., the lasses, the mademoiselles, the ingénues, the damsels, the girlfriends, the chicks, the babes, the sisters, the mothers, the daughters, the grandmothers, every woman… Fuchsia is looking for you! And to all the men out there who put up with your Fuchsia gal: Don’t be afraid to waltz on in for a little R&R yourself.

Enter the world of Fuchsia…

Fuchsia is a new kind of spa dedicated to providing tantalizingly high quality facial treatments and therapeutic massage services to women of all ages at affordable prices. Fuchsia also offers a deep selection of the latest and must-have skincare and beauty products. Set in a fun, playful yet contemporary atmosphere, Fuchsia’s comprehensive service and product offering fits consumers’ stylishly savvy but busy lifestyles—and pocketbooks. We aim to change the face of spa services by creating the ultimate source for consumers’ beauty needs where affordability comes with stunning skin-deep results.

Our Story

Erin Owens, Co-founder

Erin Owens, Co-founder

Lisa Vukonich, Co-founder

Lisa Vukonich, Co-founder

The Fuchsia journey began over lunch as co-workers Erin and Lisa, employed in higher education, discussed the lack of affordable skin care and massage services available. Both Erin and Lisa embraced an entrepreneurial spirit that would soon lead them to a successful partnership and vision come true. Both had a common love and respect for the skin care and massage industry and wondered if somewhere there would be an opportunity for them to make a difference.

After much research in the market it was apparent that there was no place the everyday woman could consistently and financially manage a good skin care and body wellness regiment. High-priced pretentious spas made it difficult to frequent beyond the once a year splurge and while delighted with the experience little long-term benefits could be realized.

Fuchsia was designed to bring those delightful and beneficial services to a larger population who had been left out of the market. Beauty doesn’t have to come at a price and Fuchsia’s goal is to provide the most current, results based techniques in skin and body care along with quality products, professional and passionate staff in an energetic, warm and welcoming environment.

Today, we continue our journey and passion with Fuchsia. We love meeting the amazing people who come to us to fulfill their need for quality services in a place that some call their second home. We have had the pleasure and honor of sharing some of life’s greatest moments with our customers and staff and realize the value of our relationships. We are committed to staying innovative and educated in the industry to ensure that we are bringing the best possible care to our customers at a manageable price.

Welcome to the Fuchsia family!